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Goodbye Summer

I took the pose from a photograph on the Internet.  However it is heavily re-interpreted and the girls face could not be discerned in the original photograph, so I created her face from my imagination.  

… And so it begins…

The best poses are not posed, and this couple delivered.  This is from a video, where this scene was merely a second or two long, so I had to be fast with my fingers to pause this scene.  I have changed the background quite a bit,  except for the couple and the single dirt road.

…And so it begins…

The Red Umbrella

Oil on Linen Panel, 6″x6″

The Red Umbrella

The Red Umbrella

The Umbrella tells a story of longing. The Umbrella is left unfurled, it is not leaning against the wall,… just thrown on the ground.  Maybe the umbrella is hers, the color gives it away…