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Dulhan (Urdu/Hindi for a Bride)

The Indo-Pak bride has probably the most colorful attire in the world and is adorned with embroidery and Jewelry of all kinds.  This makes her a great subject for an artist,… and needless to say, it was a treat to paint this one.   This is a tiny study, 7″x5″, hence the facial features are just suggested by hints of color.

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Painting the Painter…

It is important to keep values within the value family, otherwise the viewer would feel a visual dissonance.  Being a sketch, there are areas that are unrefined and on second viewing makes one cringe, oh well!…  Enjoy!

The Painter

Limited value Exercise

These 4 are teeny tiny. Done on a 8″x10″ piece of canvas.

This was a limited value Exercise, and on the painterly side. The top two are from Allen, Texas. Bottom Right is Napa-Valley, California. Bottom Left is courtesy of the internet. It is off course hard to maintain limited value when you have obvious gradation in value, but you try to control your temptation and stick to a 3-5 limited value.

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