Oil Bottle – Slightly different technique

This painting was once again done in my sweltering garage, in Texas.  The dang fan just blew hot air, but I guess it is better than nothing.

I found this clear 5″ bottle at Hobby Lobby.  I filled it with cooking oil and could hardly wait to start working on it.  I am planning to do a few more of these.

The one regret I have, with this painting, is I did not pay attention to the dimensions, all it would have taken is a little measurement, that is all.  I was too eager to get into the painting stage.  It is only after I was done, and after a little break that I saw that the bottle was lopsided.  Oh! well, live and learn.

I used Cadmium Yellow light, Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Cerulean Blue & Ultramarine Blue.  This was done on a 5×7 panel and took 2 hours to complete.

1) I used the Artisan Paint thinner for this job.  I did not pre-mix my paints.  I painted thin and left the final fatty layers (using linseed medium) for the final few touches.

2) I started out by doing a value based underpainting, using Burnt Umber and white.

3) Once the underpainting was complete I slowly snuck colors, where needed into the painting.  I love this approach very much and I will be pursuing this technique for a while.

4) I created my warm and cool blacks using Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue.  I created the yellowish-green using Cerulean Blue and Cadmium Yellow light.  I always kept my colors unsaturated using the blacks, I created, and white.  Remember to leave the saturated colors for the very end when you need bright colors.


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