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Copying the Master #4

Here is another copy by me, of Kevin Macphersons painting. Learnt a lot from it, the most important being “art by suggestion”.

The weather in Dallas has been terrible, icy roads are making things impossible everywhere. I can hardly wait to paint out again.

Size: 4″x4″, Time taken 2-3hours.


Copy of Kevin Macpherson

Copy of Kevin Macpherson

Copying a Master #3

Here is my copy, of the work, by the Master: Kevin Macpherson.  It is a wonderful and learning experience to copy the work of an accomplished artist,  it is like peering into their mind.  This is a very good exercise.

It is illegal and immoral to copy the work of other artists for sale. So please don’t do it!


Copying the Masters #2.

These days I am taking a little time to copy the works of the contemporary masters.  Trying to learn their artful usage of paint.  Here is another copy of a Masters Painting, that I did. The original was done by Bob Rohm.  Bob is into Painterly art and very accomplished.  I strongly recommend his Book: “A painterly approach”.

I did this roughly in 1hour, on a 5″ x 7″ linen.

Copy of Bob Rohm

Copying a Master

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The excitement is in the air and it is awesome. We had a few days of cold weather in Dallas, when we had the opportunity to light the fireplace. We got together with friends over thanksgiving. It was great.

Let the festivities begin…

X-mas Ornament

X-mas Ornament

Copying the Masters #1

One way to grow is to copy the works of Masters.  All the great Masters copied the Masters before them.  This is one way to get into the head of an artist (somewhat) and see how he/she solved the problems on the canvas.  Below is a copy of Kevin MacPherson’s landscape painting, that I did in 1 hour and it was loads of fun (Size: 5″ x 7″).  I love the painterly approach that Kevin takes for his paintings and the colors sing in harmony.  My goal was to see how fast can I go and still capture the essence of the painting.

Copy of Kevin Macpherson

Copying a Master…


Cosmic Jump

Last Saturday, I took my kids to Cosmic Jump, here in Allen. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a place decked with trampolines in different configurations and off course the main idea is to sap the kids of their energy.

The lighting wasn’t the best for sketching at Cosmic Jump.  It was very flat and did not create the shadows I like to play with.  However, I found this lady sitting in front of me who was there with her kids and a friend.  I did show her this picture and she was very pleased (something I rarely do) she took a picture of it with her phone.

Lady at Cosmic Jump

Lady at Cosmic Jump

A little while later, a couple decided to get intimate, see below.  I did a minimalist sketch of the whole affair.  Sometimes the most beautiful things are said by mere suggestions. Enjoy!

Rather long…

Rather long…