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There never was a glass slipper. Cinderella was merely wearing a pair of shiny leather stilleto/pumps on a very glass like, glossy, floor (Please see exhibit A, below).  The Prince was so enamoured by her beauty, that he made up this tale,… Ah! the folly of youth.

Well,…, That is my story (investigative journalism to be precise) and I am sticking to it… 🙂

(PS:- The glass manufacturing technology hadn’t been perfected back then,… God forbid if the slippers broke… 🙂 )



Do you feel lucky… Well!…Do ya!

For those of you who don’t know.. the title of the painting is from the movie, Dirty Harry.  Also, for those of you who don’t know, the painting below is of the plant called the “lucky” bamboo.  The only luck it brought me was that I had the privilege of painting it (and it was terribly cheap, only $2.00 at the local pharmacy (Walgreens)).  Enjoy!

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Cup O’ Acorn

I picked up a few colorless acorns from one of my walks.  My little girl saw the little collection of the acorns, and the next day brought some very colorful acorns from her school. I put them all in an egg cup and here it is.

Also, Spring is upon us, therefore I am getting ready to paint outside. The weather is changing and the daylight savings will give me a few hours in the evening as well.  You will be seeing some landscapes shortly.  (Maybe this is a warning for some of you  🙂 )

Acorns in egg holder

Acorns in egg cup