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Portrait of my hand

I have been doing a bunch of studies of my (left) hand.  This is a good way to learn skin tone and temperature changes in skin color.  Loved the exercise.  (This picture had a little bit of another hand sketch showing, that I digitally edited).   The idea is to paint very loose and drop paint with minimal to no blending…. Enjoy!



Plein Air: Park in Allen, Texas

It was a nice cool morning.  Perfect for Plein Air Painting.

The more I paint outside, the more appreciation I have of nature.

It took me 3 hours to complete this painting.  I not only enjoyed how the light changed the colors in the park, but I got to see birds, fish and (human) families come and leave… I was like a fly on the wall… Almost, … There were curious eyes that came over, to see what I was doing, and I thank them for the appreciation… 🙂

Park in Allen, Texas

Park in Allen, Texas


Plein Air – Bethany Park (again)

It is amazing, what a little park can yield in terms of composition.  I really don’t have to wander very far away for a beautiful composition.  This was a very beautiful and nicely tucked away Aqueduct in the Bethany Park of Allen, Texas.  I am getting the hang of painting outside (Plein Air).  I am slowly developing a rhythm in setting up and painting.  I am beginning to enjoy Plein Air more than Still life now.  Hope this painting brings you as much joy as it did to me, painting it.

Bethany Park

Bethany Park

Another Plein Air (Park of Allen, Texas)

Nothing beats painting outdoors, especially when the hot wind turns into a nice cool  breeze.  I am working towards loosening up my painting and I spent 1.5-2hours painting this.  This forces me to paint fast, think quick and commit paint to the canvas fast.  The size is 5″x7″, which is small but helps me complete the painting quick and fast.

Bethany_Park_Aug2014 copy

Below is my painting setup, A guerrilla pochade box (their smallest) and a foldable stool I just purchased from Amazon.  I have a bad back, so can’t stand for too long without an aching back.