Staring… (monochromatic self portrait)

I have been doing lots of self-portraits to push my skills to the next level.  This is a monochromatic study in,  oil of myself, in Transparent Oxide Brown and Gamsol.  Down the road I will be posting full palette color portraits of myself, once I feel they are good enough to share with the world.

I don’t feel I am ready for prime-time when it comes to self-portraits.  To me, self-portraits are the hardest for several reasons.  The subject, meaning myself, keeps moving every time I look into the mirror and back to the canvas.  The mirror inverts the image. So, no matter how accurate you are, you will always paint a latterly inverted image of yourself. The most hardest, to explain and understand, is that my features appear different, every time I see myself in the mirror, which makes things a little challenging.


Monochromatic Study

Monochromatic Study

2 thoughts on “Staring… (monochromatic self portrait)

  1. Gina Dalkkin-Davis

    Hi Faisal ….nice…. very nice… conveys expressiveness in facial features .. critical appraisal evident in the eyes & lips. As they said in my day… “Keep on truckin’. …”


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