Self Portrait… look closer

Look Closer, You can see my reflection on the ball bearing and off course you can see me holding the ball in my hand in the reflection.

Self Portrait… Look Closer

Self Portrait… Look Closer

For my Artist friends

Our, human, senses become desensitized when exposed to a certain stimulus for a while.  Our Vision is no different.  Once you have completed a painting, you won’t see any problems for a while.  However, if you come back to it after a few days (longer the better), the problems will jump out at you.  Another way to get a quicker feedback on your work, is to ask somebody else and it is even better if that somebody else is/are artists.  That is what I exactly did.  I belong to an artists forum “The Complete Artist” where a whole bunch of my artist friends gave me quick feedback and I was immediately able to zone in and fix what looked amiss.


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