Monthly Archives: February 2016

A lovely day for a Sketch

A lovely day in Allen, Texas for a sketch in the Park.  This Gazebo is tucked away in a park in an apartment complex in Allen, Texas (Dallas Metroplex).   This is where we moved into when we moved to Allen, Texas in 1998.

This is a quick watercolor sketch (1hour) on a 6″x8″ watercolor pad.  Loved every moment of it, while soaking in the sun and enjoying the cool breeze. Yes!  I am aware of all the mistakes and errors, and that is what makes sketches beautiful and original.  Enjoy!

Old apartment park

Old apartment park




Lunch Sketches and Portraits

Today, I had lunch at “Pollo Tropical”  and sketched these two gentlemen over there.  Sketching is simple and everyone should try it.




Below is a self-portrait, done looking into a mirror.   Self-portraits are hard, because, the model is also the artist and has to move, in order to paint, but that is the key to improvement, i.e. catching the essence of the model.   (I am not angry, concentration makes me look serious.  I will try one with a smile, next).


Doodling is fun…

I, being an engineer, have often wondered what if the things I have created/worked on, could come to life.  What would they think of me?  Hence following that train of thought,… this doodle came into being.  It shows a Robot holding it’s creator ( i.e. engineer/scientist) on it’s palm and pondering?!

Doodling can be loads of fun as it is a gateway to the world of fantasy and sometimes to more elaborate paintings and sketches.  The best part is that they are done in a few minutes so there is no regret if one goes bad… you just move on and do more.  I doodle everywhere and whenever I can.  Doodling is a good stress reliever too.  I strongly recommend it to all.


Admiring It’s creator