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Soft Charcoal,… newer technique

This time I have done the portrait using Soft Vine charcoal and used fingers and paper for blending.  I used a Pastel pallet knife for drawing.  I have put a few intermediate steps, below, for the reader to see how my work progressed.



Below are a few intermediate steps, leading up to completion.

#1: Using Pastel knife and soft charcoal shavings/ Powder charcoal to draw.  It is very easy to use kneaded eraser to make corrections.


#2: Putting in the values, as I see it, using Soft Vine Charcoal.


#3:  Final result, after correcting values, fixing edges and blending (where necessary).



Dulhan (Urdu/Hindi for a Bride)

The Indo-Pak bride has probably the most colorful attire in the world and is adorned with embroidery and Jewelry of all kinds.  This makes her a great subject for an artist,… and needless to say, it was a treat to paint this one.   This is a tiny study, 7″x5″, hence the facial features are just suggested by hints of color.

Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy!





Painting the Painter…

It is important to keep values within the value family, otherwise the viewer would feel a visual dissonance.  Being a sketch, there are areas that are unrefined and on second viewing makes one cringe, oh well!…  Enjoy!

The Painter