Monthly Archives: February 2018

Watercolor and Pastel sketch

Here is a watercolor and pastel sketch… I am really enjoying the mixed media combo with water color.

Bye-Bye Birdie

Ink, Watercolor and Pastel…

What can I say, I am loving it !  I see a lot of potential to push my work in this…. Let’s see where and how far this medium goes…

Ink and Watercolor

The Window


Ink, Watercolor and Pastel


Another Charcoal Sketch/Drawing.

Another day another sketch…  I like to leave art and sketches a little incomplete…

Indian Beauty

Dabbling with Ink & Watercolor

Here are a couple of Ink and Watercolor sketches.  I am finding it to be very liberating.  I have a feeling, I can take this style really far.  You ought to try it.

IMG_8718Ink & Watercolor