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Neighbour’s Car

This is all in Gouache…  I have been seeing this car for the past 2 years in our neighborhood.  I don’t know the model and the make of the car, atleast I was not able to find it on the car?  If you do let me know.  Thanks and Enjoy!


Ink, Watercolor and Gouache sketch

Experimenting with mixed media…


Ronald Regan National Airport

What do you do when waiting for your flight?  Sketch airplanes offcourse… :).   I did this when I was travelling back from attending my nephews wedding at Washington DC and back to Dallas.

Ink and Watercolor, used Ultramarine blue and Yellow Ochre only (teeny hint of Sepia also)

Ink and Watercolor

The first plane left, fortunately another plane came in its place so I was able to complete this.  This was the second plane, taxi-ing off.


To Sketch is to Dance… So Dance away my friends… :)

A Charcoal (and hint of white pastel) study…

Dancing Couple


A thing of beauty is joy forever… :)

Honing, Practicing and fine tuning my skills…

Someone, somewhere...