Another series of Still Life paintings

#1: I painted this at the bookstore at Barnes & Noble during lunch break.  I prepared the surface using gesso mixed with ground up volcano rock.  Never Again!  This was an extremely rough surface and rough on my brush.  However I managed to bring it to a point where I could stop and give it a painterly look.   I took the picture of this car outside Scotty P’s in Allen, Texas. 6″x6″

#2: I started this one with a cheese cake at Barnes and Noble but decided to lean on some reference photos I got from Pinterest.  Therefore I digressed from my still life photos. 6″x6″

#3: I bought a whole bag of Jolly Ranchers but settled on just painting the two below. This one was done at home. 6″x6″

#4: I did this one at home as well.  Got the peaches from Walmart, set them up in my shadow box and loved every minute of painting this. 8″x10″ 

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