Monthly Archives: August 2019

Friday Night Sketching…

What do you do on a Friday Night?  Sketch off course.  Here is a sketch I recently did of a pic I got off of the internet.  This is done in graphite, but it has less value range than charcoal, but the beauty of graphite is that you can do it on a white sofa.  Some sacrifice has to be made to get your fix. 🙂  Enjoy.

Doodling wife’s name

I love to doodle, that is the most primal form of creativity.  Just drawing lines and making sense of them.  I doodle my wife’s name often.  Here is a sample of one doodling session.

A place called Somewhere… An oil painting progression

Hello Friends!  A place called somewhere or maybe nowhere.  This place was painted out of imagination.  Here is a short youtube video showing the progression.  Enjoy!

Or CLICK HERE:  A place called…