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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…

I love Christmas ornaments and painting them.  I painted this one in gouache and did the fine details in Water-color pencil and Pastel.  I have put up a timelapse video on youtube,< Click Here >

Santa Ornament


Chinese Health Balls

I fell in love with this Chinese Health Balls, (for exercising the hand).  The embroidered box and the shiny metal balls just begged to be painted.  The painting, I feel, is much better than the photograph you see. This one is up for purchase/bid at: << Purchase/Bid >>  <= Click link here to read more about the art and sale.  Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy!

The Turkish Delight

Well, I think the title of this post is appropriate, for this Turkish beauty.  However, I am not a big fan of the actual dessert: “Turkish Delight”.  I find it too gummy and the taste sort of sits orthogonal to the expectations of my taste buds.   Of course, some tastes are cultivated and almost all cultures have a one-off that other cultures find obtuse.  To each their own!

You will find the progression of the painting in the link here =>  << CLICK HERE >> 

A Lunch Painting in Gouache

Here is a Gouache Painting of a Bowl done during lunch at Star-Bucks (Barnes and Noble).  (Photo credit Lena Rivo from her gouache course).

You can watch the progress in the Video by clicking >> here.

Bowl (Gouache)




Some paintings in Gouache.

Gouache is technically an opaque version of watercolor, however it handles more like oil and acrylic.  I often use it for its portability and ease of clean-up.  so it is a great way to get in my practice for oil.

A Tart from La Madeleine, (I ate it afterwards offcourse 🙂 ). You can watch the progress video here

Orange painted during lunch break, at Barnes and Noble book store.