Monthly Archives: March 2020

A Still Life…

Here is a still life.  Another day another practice, what else would one do when you are cooped up in the house due to the Corona Virus?  Ok! I need no excuse to paint/draw, I would have created this regardless.  However,  Stay Safe my friends.  Social Distancing is the key.

>>>> Click here to see a timelapse video on YouTube <<<<

Oil Painting of the Grand Canyon

An oil painting of the Grand Canyon.  I love the play of shadows and light in a landscape and the reference photo (Pinterest) from which this painting was made had plenty of that.

> Click here to see the Timelapse video on youtube —





This photo is courtesy of Pinterest (Thank you to the photographer, whoever you are).  I Loved the whole “Mughl-e-Azam” vibe in this photograph.  The one mistake I made was to do this on a 5″x7″.  I had to resort to a tiny brush to get in the features and details.  But anyway it was worth putting in the effort.  Click the link below to view the video.  Thank you and Enjoy!

>>>>   Click to watch YouTube Video here   <<<<


Click to watch YouTube Video here