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What is handsome? – Oil Painting of a man.

I have found this very baffling.  I quite often see disagreements between women on what is a good looking man, and sometimes what I think is a good looking man, I am often told by my wife and daughters that they are OK looking?  Here is a portrait in oil of a man that I think is fairly good looking… Also, it is much easier to paint and draw a man than a woman, that needs extra care to make their skin porcelain-like.  (Reference photo was from Pinterest).  Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

<CLICK HERE to see the progress Video>


Copying the Old Masters

This is a quick copy (1hour) of a Sargent painting.  I was practicing value and temperature more than the proportion in this one.  I used mostly bristle brush on this one and then a soft brush, in the end, to smooth things out.  It is always easier to paint men than women (and Children).  Women (and Children) portraits require careful rendition and are not forgiving.  Enjoy!