Monthly Archives: October 2020


The 90’s Cartoon name kept popping in my head as I was painting this. For those who don’t know, the animal in the painting is a Moose (deer family) and is found in North America.  I got the picture from Pinterest and loved the colors in the photograph, which I pushed to contrast blue with orange.

(6″x8″ in oil) Enjoy!

Cafe Coffee

What is better than Contemplating over Coffee?  Contemplating over Tea.. :).  The reference photo was from Pinterest that I modified to meet my artistic taste.  (Oil 8″x10″ on panel) Enjoy! 

A Tribesman

Here is a rugged tribesman, done in a painterly style.  (Ref:  Pinterest)  Enjoy! 


“Rasooi”, (Kitchen)

I got this ref pic from Pinterest.  The rural Indo-Pak country side is simple and they make do with whatever few things they have.  I see lots of things that I could do to fix this painting, but it is OK at this stage as well.  Thanks 

Plein-Air Painting (Painting on location)

Lately the weather in Dallas-Fortworth areas has been awesome.  So I have gone out to paint twice.  It is exhilarating and satisfying at the same time.  The whole painting should typically be wrapped up within a few hours, otherwise the light changes a lot and pretty much you have to paint from memory (or a thumbnail drawing, if you have done one).



Breakthroughs in Art

I have recently had a few series of breakthroughs that has helped me push my work forward and sped up my painting some more.  I have become more painterly by watching Quang Ho’s MFA work and how he handles his paint on the canvas. It is essentially sculpting with paint, you push, pull cut into and add into shapes.  It is very liberating and teaches one to be bold.  As always, practice makes perfect.  See a series of paintings I have done below.  Thank you for visiting and Enjoy!