Monthly Archives: November 2020

Another Indo-Pak bride

It is no secret that I like painting brides from the Indian subcontinent, because of their colorful attire. So here is another painting.  I am following the rule of big shapes and then carving into it with smaller shapes.  (It Makes for a stronger visual structure).  Enjoy!

A beautiful beauty… Oil Painting.

I am trying the age old recipe, of large masses and then sculpting into it, with smaller chunks of paint.  I am wondering why I did not paint like that before?  Well now I am.  So you will be seeing a whole new improved portrait work from me.

You can see the Video By Clcking Here.     Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy!



Water cutting through rocks and making beautiful splashing and gurgling sounds can be so nerve calming.  (5″x7″, oil)


The Boat

Loved the high Chroma in this landscape photo that I saw on Pinterest.  I tried playing Blue with Orange where I could, for contrast, and gave variation to the greens.  Brought the focus and intensity to the foreground to pull the focus to the front and mid ground.  Thanks for visiting Enjoy!