Monthly Archives: July 2021

Sun Kissed

I liked this image for the sun light raking across the trees and of course the aerial perspective created by the mountain.  So here it is, Enjoy!


“Indescribable”…. That is why she had to be painted… :)

I liked the rimlight on this one.  Loved painting this one. Oil on Linen panel.

A mountain of Gold

I saw a photograph on Pinterest that was much bigger, with rivers and all.  I was drawn to the golden evening sunlight on the mountains.  I zoomed into the mountains and adjusted the shapes of the mountain a little to my taste.  So here it is.  Enjoy!

Mugal-e-Azam (Dilip Kumar)

One of the greatest Bollywood actors.  He will live on, forever, in our memories.  I painted this 6″x8″ in oil, from a Black and White photograph.  So the colors are from intuition and experience.




A series of paintings…

The paintings below were done at various times within the past few weeks.  Once again pushing my skills and learning.


A Child and womans face are hardest to capture, they require tenderness and careful brush work.

This woman had extraordinarily large lips.  This needed more work, but I still like it for its raw look

This water lily is a culmination of imagination, photos and paintings.  In other words this place does not exist.

I saw this beautiful pussy-cat in a picture on Pinterest (thank you to the photographer).  What was interesting was that the tip of it’s tail was at 90 degrees, to which many viewers objected.