Monthly Archives: August 2021

Rugged and Noble

This is a heavily edited scene from a photograph on Pinterest of a Monastery.  I enjoy landscape that have the potential of exaggerated aerial perspective, and this was no exception.  Thank you for visiting and Enjoy!


A glimpse of Light

Practicing light and shadows.  So here it is another landscape.  Enjoy

A place called Peaceful

This scene is based on imagination, experience and some reference photos. Enjoy!

The Anchored Red Boat

This painting was an exercise in background manipulation.  This painting went through several iterations.  I tried the background full of stacked houses first, then removed the background houses and replaced it with a large hill and then finally I settled for this one with few houses on one side and the wide expanse of the sky.  Of course the star of this painting is the red boat.  The orange/red contrast with the purple/blue shadow and water was a lot of fun.


The Prized Fighter (or Chicken Tikka to some of us) :)

Roosters have a facial appearance and a walk of a boxer.  This one certainly did.  The mean and determined look of this rooster, was priceless and I had to capture it.  Enjoy!