Monthly Archives: January 2022

Post-It Note Portrait #1.

I was doodling on a Post-It note when I thought of creating a series of Post-It Note portraits.  All that  was used was a mechanical pencil, an eraser and a Post-It note pad, Simple!.  I am starting my first sketch with the portrait of the lovely and talented Pakistani Actress Sarah Khan.


Tiny Gems

How do you feed an obsession?  By doing more of it of course.  Here are a series of 3”x3.5” landscape.

Here is a Zoomed-in View of the paintings.  The weave of the linen is showing through.  I have tired to remove them a little.



The possibilities with one simple orange, as a still life, is numerous.  One can do many things with the arrangement of the peel to come up with various compositions.  I also used this to practice a live presentation/demo on Instagram Live.  I had completed most of the painting and then decided to put the final touches on live video.  I am planning to do a simple demo tutorial soon on Instagram Live.  After all the best way to learn is through teaching.  Enjoy!