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A sea of green


I feel I have come a long way in landscape painting.  I have a good handle on aerial perspective now.      of course the best part of painting is you are forever a student and that is beautiful.


Still life growth

I have not done still life in a while and I find flowers challenging.  So I signed up for an online course with Jared Brady.  This course clicked with me and here are the results.  There is always room for improvement.  I am finding my work more painterly and the effort is less.


A mixture of paintings.

Here is a mixture of my latest paintings.  I feel I still have some improvement to make on brushwork.  Also, I feel I have made some breakthroughs in Still Life, Landscape and portraiture in the past few months, based on tutorials I have watched.  Enjoy.


More Atmospheric Perspective

The beauty of landscape comes from aerial perspective.  Here are some more paintings showing that.

A work of Art

I am getting better at portraiture in oil, and here it is.  Hopefully you guys enjoy viewing it as much as I did making it.  Thanks.


Better Atmospheric depth

As with any learning.  There are moments when you understand something better and deeper.  This time it was aerial perspective and atmosphere.

Post-It Note Portrait #1.

I was doodling on a Post-It note when I thought of creating a series of Post-It Note portraits.  All that  was used was a mechanical pencil, an eraser and a Post-It note pad, Simple!.  I am starting my first sketch with the portrait of the lovely and talented Pakistani Actress Sarah Khan.


Tiny Gems

How do you feed an obsession?  By doing more of it of course.  Here are a series of 3”x3.5” landscape.

Here is a Zoomed-in View of the paintings.  The weave of the linen is showing through.  I have tired to remove them a little.