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A Beauty

So beautiful, it hurts!  Ok maybe not,… but I have to write something to get your attention 😛

I attempted to capture her from a very difficult photo on Pinterest.  Not all photos are meant for painting and the one I used was definitely not meant for painting.  Next time I will either paint live in a warm light or choose a photo more suitable.  Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!


Check out the youtube link below for the video



Friday Night Sketching…

What do you do on a Friday Night?  Sketch off course.  Here is a sketch I recently did of a pic I got off of the internet.  This is done in graphite, but it has less value range than charcoal, but the beauty of graphite is that you can do it on a white sofa.  Some sacrifice has to be made to get your fix. 🙂  Enjoy.

Another series of Still Life paintings

#1: I painted this at the bookstore at Barnes & Noble during lunch break.  I prepared the surface using gesso mixed with ground up volcano rock.  Never Again!  This was an extremely rough surface and rough on my brush.  However I managed to bring it to a point where I could stop and give it a painterly look.   I took the picture of this car outside Scotty P’s in Allen, Texas. 6″x6″

#2: I started this one with a cheese cake at Barnes and Noble but decided to lean on some reference photos I got from Pinterest.  Therefore I digressed from my still life photos. 6″x6″

#3: I bought a whole bag of Jolly Ranchers but settled on just painting the two below. This one was done at home. 6″x6″

#4: I did this one at home as well.  Got the peaches from Walmart, set them up in my shadow box and loved every minute of painting this. 8″x10″ 

Learning to make Videos…

I am learning to make videos, and am planning to post more in the future.  Below is a Video I posted on YouTube.  Let me know, if you have pointers to share.  Thanks.

I am learning to make Art videos (will be posting more videos in the future). If you have tips and tutorials on iMovie, to share please do so. Thanks.

Posted by Faisal Artist on Sunday, May 19, 2019