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Below are the names of a few artists who I find to be very good teachers and, for me, they fall in the category of “magician artists”.  They have plenty to say in their books and websites.

Kevin Macpherson:  I find his two books: Landscape Painting – Inside & Out and Fill Your Oil Painting with Light and Color, very inspiring and I often find myself browsing through them.

James Gurney:  His books are detailed and very well written.  You can tell the author has a deep understanding of the subject matter and has written to share his passion. I have found many gold nuggets and words of wisdom in his books. His book, Color and Light is a must have, for every artist.  The other book, Imaginative Realism deals with creativity, which is a good follow up book.

Paul Foxton:  He has a fantastic website called learning to see.  It is an awesome website and he is a very good and articulate teacher.

Carol Marine:  She is a big advocate of daily painting and regularly posts on her blog. She and her husband (Dave Marine) run the daily paint works website where artists can post small paintings for sale.  She beautifully simplifies her paintings and her paintings clearly show you that you don’t need details, in your painting, to create awesome works of art.

Scott Burdick & Susan Lyon: Scott and Susan are married couple and are awesome painters.  Their Videos are affordable and super-packed with information.  I have their videos on my Iphone and I feel that I learn something deeper every time I see it.


One more useful site…

Water Soluble Oil Forum:  This is where I started posting my work initially and got feedback from other nice fellow artists.  Check it out.



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