“Drink up, Buttercup…” :)

It is good that the cold temperature in the garage-studio keeps the fruits fresh.  However I threw away the strawberries and the Cranberry Juice (Sorry not Red Wine), it is too risky to eat perishable items.   I don’t like throwing away food, that is why I don’t paint fruits as often, as I should.   Nothing much to say in this setup.  This is a study in Red, Green and muted blue.

I will be posting a Video of the making of this Art shortly on instagram @artistfaisal




Just Add Tea…

This was a still life I set in my Garage-Studio.  It was very cold today, therefore, the sliced orange stayed fresh, but I had to run the space heater to stay toasty.  As you can see I am playing the Blue colored surrounding, with the Orange and Yellow objects (contrast).  The Blue is subdued while the Orange and Yellow Chroma is intense.  Also, I set up the composition into a triangular format, with the bottom left corner of the painting as the apex of the triangle and the objects growing in size as your eyes travel to the top right corner (sort of)  Enjoy!

Visit my instagram page for the short video as well (@artistfaisal).

Another Indo-Pak bride

It is no secret that I like painting brides from the Indian subcontinent, because of their colorful attire. So here is another painting.  I am following the rule of big shapes and then carving into it with smaller shapes.  (It Makes for a stronger visual structure).  Enjoy!

A beautiful beauty… Oil Painting.

I am trying the age old recipe, of large masses and then sculpting into it, with smaller chunks of paint.  I am wondering why I did not paint like that before?  Well now I am.  So you will be seeing a whole new improved portrait work from me.

You can see the Video By Clcking Here.     Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy!



The 90’s Cartoon name kept popping in my head as I was painting this. For those who don’t know, the animal in the painting is a Moose (deer family) and is found in North America.  I got the picture from Pinterest and loved the colors in the photograph, which I pushed to contrast blue with orange.

(6″x8″ in oil) Enjoy!