This photo is courtesy of Pinterest (Thank you to the photographer, whoever you are).  I Loved the whole “Mughl-e-Azam” vibe in this photograph.  The one mistake I made was to do this on a 5″x7″.  I had to resort to a tiny brush to get in the features and details.  But anyway it was worth putting in the effort.  Click the link below to view the video.  Thank you and Enjoy!

>>>>   Click to watch YouTube Video here   <<<<


Click to watch YouTube Video here



Landscape Oil Painting

I have learned that a 5″x7″ or 6″x8″ landscape oil painting should not take more than 1-2hours.  If it does, then the artist is unsure and noodling and I have to constantly remind myself of that and to think what I am not sure about and to solve the problem in the head before proceeding.  This 6″x8″, painting was done in 1.5 hours.  

More Pencil Portraits

I am enjoying the portability of the Graphite pencil a lot these days.   I am choosing pencils, a lot more these days, over charcoal.  I start a sketch/drawing off at a service station or a restaurant and complete them as time permits in between chores.


A Wedding trip to Pakistan

I was in Pakistan for the Winter break, attending my niece’s wedding.   I had plenty of time at night, when jet-lag got the best of me and I just could not sleep and that is when I sketched these two.

Ian Mckellen

Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali is a Pakistani actress (for those who don’t know) and is often paired with Ahad Raza Mir and upon a friends suggestion, I sketched him as well, shown below.

Ahad Raza Mir




More Pencil Sketches

I just need an excuse to sketch.  Pencil and Paper is all you need to express your craft.  It is the simplest and un-messy way to get your artistic itch out of the way.  Portability is the key.  Start a sketch in the morning and in between chores, meals, and sips of tea you will have a lovely drawing/sketch by evening.

Yul Brynner, what a ruggedly handsome man.  He made baldness look sexy.  I remember watching him in The Ten Commandment, as a child and forever pictured Pharaoh as Yul.  I made this sketch today, so it is hot off the press.


I don’t watch Pakistani Dramas, but somehow I am following “mere pas tum ho” (I have you by me).  The lead actress “Ayza Khan” has beautiful angular features.  However, the drawing below is a slightly modified version of her,  I took some artistic liberty to adjust some features based on my artistic whim.  Shhhh! don’t tell her.



Creating Videos to Improve your work

I have noticed that by making videos I have instilled more discipline in creating my work.  I create the work more efficiently and the painting/drawing looks better, as it does not have a belabored look.

This one is a copy of one of the masters from the past.  I did not bother to copy the likeness, as I was focusing on the skin-tones more.  Watch the Timelapse Video by <<Clicking Here>>

Here is a pencil sketch that I did sitting on my couch.  You gotta love the portability of pencils!  Watch the timelapse Video by << Clicking Here>>