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The possibilities with one simple orange, as a still life, is numerous.  One can do many things with the arrangement of the peel to come up with various compositions.  I also used this to practice a live presentation/demo on Instagram Live.  I had completed most of the painting and then decided to put the final touches on live video.  I am planning to do a simple demo tutorial soon on Instagram Live.  After all the best way to learn is through teaching.  Enjoy!

A beautiful Red Family.

Ceramic, metal, glass and any hard shiny objects are my favorite things to paint in still life.  I bought this red teapot set (along with another set) from a farmers market, it was to cute to be ignored.  I Absolutely loved painting it.







The Muse – Portrait of my dear wife.

I sketch and draw my family members quite a bit.  Although it has become less in the past few years.  It is specially hard to get the children (teenage and adults) to pose now.  Painting is a little more elaborate and requires setup and time from the model, therefore I get very little cooperation on that from family members.   This painting was done from a photograph from 12 years ago,  it will replace the  charcoal drawing of my wife that hangs in our house.

Here is a Video Link of the making of the painting.