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Charcoal Studies

Here are a few Charcoal drawings.  I always love doing these, to keep myself tuned.




A trip to Los Angeles

We went to Los Angeles (family) which was a whole lot of fun.  Here are two pen and watercolor sketch from the trip.

Harry Potter Ride at Universal Studios


Griffith Observatory 





Oil Painting – Painting in 3 Genres

Here are 3 paintings: A portrait, a landscape and a still life.  Practicing in one genre helps with the other.  I feel like I have grown considerably but feel that I have a lot to grow.

Sajal Ali,   A Pakistani Actress and Model


A Nocturne (Kashmir)

A bowl of Obvious… 🙂



Still Life – A new approach

So instead of painting huge masses first and then adjusting the values and temperature.  My approach in these two were that I varied the temperature and value as I moved across the subject.  This was quite interesting as I did not have to struggle with dirty color notes.  I learnt that I have to deliberately vary the value and temperature gradually, although temptation might be to not to.



“The Bride”

I loved the shadow and light play on this beautiful bride.  The warm and cool colors were very inviting and I had to test my skill.  Follow me on instagram: @artistfaisal.


Charcoal Drawings

Black and White and the value range of Charcoal is breathtaking.  I mix graphite into the midst for subtle value changes.   I am thinking of revisiting Pastels, now that I have honed my skills in color and values quite a bit using Oil and Charcoal.






A series of Aerial Perspective practice

What makes a landscape a good landscape is thoughtful application of Aerial perspective.  Otherwise it appears flat.  The concept is simple but always challenging.



A distant Fall

Landscapes are fun to do, when you can nail the aerial perspective.  That is always a lesson in progress.   It is interesting what I know about painting landscapes now, and what I new a few years ago.  Thanks, enjoy!



A Fox called Megan :-)

Here is a Fan Art of Megan Fox.  I am drawing on Bristol paper these days and I love the smooth surface that gives me a very even skin texture.  Doing a series now in Charcoal.

Sajal Ali

This is a portrait of Sajal Ali, in Charcoal.  She is an actress and a model from Pakistan.  The gesture and the lowered gaze was incredible.  (she is known for her big eyes).  This is done on a smooth paper to get the soft look.  Thank you for visiting.