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A distant Fall

Landscapes are fun to do, when you can nail the aerial perspective.  That is always a lesson in progress.   It is interesting what I know about painting landscapes now, and what I new a few years ago.  Thanks, enjoy!



A Fox called Megan :-)

Here is a Fan Art of Megan Fox.  I am drawing on Bristol paper these days and I love the smooth surface that gives me a very even skin texture.  Doing a series now in Charcoal.

Sajal Ali

This is a portrait of Sajal Ali, in Charcoal.  She is an actress and a model from Pakistan.  The gesture and the lowered gaze was incredible.  (she is known for her big eyes).  This is done on a smooth paper to get the soft look.  Thank you for visiting.



A sea of green


I feel I have come a long way in landscape painting.  I have a good handle on aerial perspective now.      of course the best part of painting is you are forever a student and that is beautiful.


Still life growth

I have not done still life in a while and I find flowers challenging.  So I signed up for an online course with Jared Brady.  This course clicked with me and here are the results.  There is always room for improvement.  I am finding my work more painterly and the effort is less.


A mixture of paintings.

Here is a mixture of my latest paintings.  I feel I still have some improvement to make on brushwork.  Also, I feel I have made some breakthroughs in Still Life, Landscape and portraiture in the past few months, based on tutorials I have watched.  Enjoy.


More Atmospheric Perspective

The beauty of landscape comes from aerial perspective.  Here are some more paintings showing that.

A work of Art

I am getting better at portraiture in oil, and here it is.  Hopefully you guys enjoy viewing it as much as I did making it.  Thanks.